Veena Tech Screen Printing Machines Private Limited is a Leading Manufacturer of machines and equipment for Industrial Screen Printing.
"Veena Tech" the company is located today in Mumbai, India. The technical skills and Know-how of the employees and many years of experience in this field of industial screen Printings are the basis for the successful development of the company.The success and growth of Veena Tech Machines is based on a singular Focus: to provide advanced screen printing machines to meet the needs of High quality industrial screen printing machines.

Listening to customers's wishes, applying years of experience in the design of screen printing machines for printing on three dimensional objects, and incorporating advances in mechanical and control system design has resulted in a flexible and modular concept that featres :

1) High Printing speeds for high production rates, accurate registration for muti-colour printing, excellent print quality for vibrant images
2) Short make-ready times and easy handling
3) Flexibility regarding types of ink and product shapes and materials
4) Set of modular ancilliaries that will increase output through automated product handling We have a truly universal machine. Our these     machines can handle flat, round, oval, and conical items made of different materials: plastic, glass, ceramic or metal. It gives the printer     peace of mind, that his business will be able to meet customers' new demands. These machines can be easily adapted to satisfy new     requirements.
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