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Types Of Weaves
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Plain Weave :

Each wrap wire passes over and under the successive rows of weft wires and vice versa ensuring the maximum of weaving stability and most accurate mesh openings between 2.8 mm and 0.048 mm. Tolerances as well to ISO 9044.
Twill Weave :

The thread position changes at every second, third or fourth crossing of wire giving a reduced stability. This type of weave allows a thicker wire and is consequently well suitable for heavy meshes. Available upto approx 0.025 mm aperture.

Plain Dutch Weave :
(Hollander Weave)

Type of weave is similar to plain woven fabric. However, the thicker wrap wires are located at a wider distance from each other unlike the thinner weft wires which lie closer to each other. Mainly used for filters, suction apparatus, centrifuges and similar systems of separation.


Twill Dutch Weave :

(Cordury cloth) a combination of the dutch weave and the twill weave, which enables twice as much weft wires to be placed into the same area than with a plain dutch weave, by which a light-prood mesh vertical to the surface is obtained. A very robust weave with a very fine passage down to 2 microns nominal, wherefore it is above all used for finest filteration even under highest pressure.

Five- Shaft twill weave :

This type filter cloth developed to withstand high mechanical strain and excellent filter performance. it main features are a smooth top surface, guarantrring an easy removal of filter cake and an open lower surface with excellent dewatering performance. In general 5-Shaft cloth has a rectangular mesh opening, effecting a cross current. Approved on disc & drum filters, in coal mining and as dewatering sieve.

Reverse Dutch weave :

The same weave as dutch except the wrap & weft wires are reversed i.e. the warp wire have a smaller diameter than the weft wires.The larger wires are woven closer together than would usually be seen in a dutch weave


How to use our Lists of Wire Meshes

To assist you to adapt your enquiries and orders, the following lists show technical details for different weave.

Our manufacturing program comprises of many types of meshes.

We have the flexibilty to weave any speciality item you may need for your specific application. The common standard types listed correspond to our normal production program and thus should be available for every delivery.

When forwarding your inquiries and orders, please remember to include the following detail.

Type of Weave
Mesh Opening or mesh Count
Wire Diameter
Length and Width of Roll

You could, if possible send us a small sample too along with your inquiries or orders.

In general, all our wire cloths are produced in accordance with ISO 9044 standards.

We hope that these lists will help you to define the right wire mesh. If you have any specific questions we shall be happy to answer them.

Please Contact Us.

Formula to calculate the open area :
W = Aperture in mm
D = Wire Diameter in mm
T = W+D=Pitch in mm
F0 = Open Screen Area in percent

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