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Veena Tech Wire Cloth
Our Vision

A Commitment towards our vision to be better than The best, by providing a synergy of Precision quality products with dedicated Services to create an environment of innovation and excellence in all spheres, and to make these differences felt to those whose lives we touch.

A commitment for continued investments in the discovery of better technology methods.

A Commitment aiming towards high measures of quality assurance with precision levels meeting the exacting micro demands of various filtration, separation, screening processes.

A commitment towards learning from the past and marching ahead stridently into the future.

Our Product Line
Woven Wire Cloth (Wire Mesh)

Veena Tech Screen printing Machines Pvt Ltd Has a wide range of Wire Cloth from 8 to 500 Mesh in Square Meshes and various Multimeshes manufactured in Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass and Phosphor Bronze. (With aperture ranging from 8 microns to 2700 microns absolute.)

Weave types include Plain, twill, Plain Dutch, Twill Dutch, Reverse Dutch and Five Heddle Shaft. These varieties are offered in different widths from 3 ft to 2 mtrs, and in rolls of continuous or cut length, or fabricated in cut circles or any desired form or shape.

Our Speciality-Woven Wire Cloth, ISO 9002 Certified
(Product in accordance with prevailing DIN and ISO standards)
Material Stainless Steel (AISI 304,304L,316,316L), & Aluminium,Brass and Phosphor Bronze.
Type Weaves Plain,Twill,Plain/Twill/Reverse Dutch,5 Heddle Shaft(upto 8 microns)
Square Mesh Wire Diameter From 8 to 500 Mesh -in Plain & Twill Weave. From 0.558mm(0.022 inches) to 0.025mm(0.0010 inches)
Multi meshes 325 x 2300 Mesh- Twill Dutch Weave, 12*64 MeshPlain Dutch Weave, 24*110 Mesh-Plain Dutch Weave, 630*130 Mesh-Reverse PD Weave
Aperture in Microns From 8 microns to 2700 microns absolute.
Roll Width Std Roll Width From 3 feet to 2 meters. 1 mtr(1000mm), 1.22 mtrs(1220 mm)
Std Roll Length 30 L mtrs(+/-10%) (or fabricated in cut Circles or any desired form or shape).
  Above details are indicative & does not represent our comprehensive & full range available in various Mesh items, Wire diameters etc.
Some of the silent features of Veena Tech Screen printing Machines Pvt Ltd.
Ultramodern post weaving facilies including Slitting machine(upto minimum 60 mm width),Ultrasonic cleaning machine and Straightening machines.
Strict quality control procedure at every manufacturing operation ensures conforming to International Standards.
Fine mesh is produced under 5 microns dust proof Airconditioned Plant.
Filter Elements(made of S.S Woven Wire Mesh)
Filter discs of all kinds for the man made fibre industry, Spare Filter Discs for filter plates of all existing makes of precoat filters, Filter candles, baskets, different types of bags.
Test Sieves in 4", 8", 12" dia
With jointless S S or Brass Frame with S S Woven Wire cloth of various meshes from 8 to 2700 microns absolute.
Shale shaker screen in size 2'* 3', 4'* 4', 4'* 5'
For Oil Field Drilling Services.
Our Stainless Steel Wire Meshes, Aluminum Meshes, Brass Meshes are used for Filtration, Separation, Screening, Sieving & Straining in a wide range of Products & Industries including :
Oil Industries
Automobile Industries
Flour Mills
Polyester Fibres
Air & Space Technique
Computer Industries
Tea & Coffee
Woven Sacks
Artificial Silk
Cell Wool
Grinding and emerg
Medical Equipment
Reactor Construction
Water Work
Well Boring
Hydraulic Presses
Soil Testing
High Presuure Technology
Environment Protection Industries
Pet & Non Woven fabric Plant
BOPP Film Plant
Driving Gear Construction
Film Printing
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